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short bio: eliana is human being from california, currently living in brooklyn and working in new york city on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. she draws, dreams and tries to get into adventures as often as possible with the other misfit toys of the island.

theatrical bio: Eliana Mullins is a recent graduate of the NYU Tisch Undergraduate Program at Playwrights Horions Theatre School. In undergrad she dedicated herself to the exploration of avant garde text while intensively studying the crafts of acting, directing, and design. During her time at school she was able to lend an apprenticeship-like hand to her idol; godfather of downtown theatre, auteur Richard Foreman. Her ensuing theatrical style is a rigorous application of these studies to dramaturgically heavy design-based work. The resulting experience, for Eliana, is a sense-heavy experience resulting in a perspective-bending intellectual clarity. Most recently her theatrical talents have been lent directorially to Jordan Baum's playwrighting endeavor; "The Three Teletubbies..." at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, her self-created and performed work "Cogito Ergo Boom: a heuristic for Sophia" featuring the musical stylings of electronic composer Randall Leong of Santa Barbara, and her acting talents in the yet-to-be-performed work "Tiger Tiger: a meditation on contemporary violence", a commission of Jessica Almasy from the TEAM and Brooklyn College MFA Program.

excerpt from eliana 3.0 circa 2010 while applying for colleges: "Every morning I experience a greatness that everyone in the world has access to but few take advantage of. I rise at the subdued hour of six, when all the houses in my neighborhood and their landscaping glow blue with the setting moon, and quickly get dressed. I grab a piece of toast for the car ride and get my neighbor so she isn't stranded. We pick a song that is suiting to our mood for that morning, "Good Time" by Brazilian Girls or "Ferris Wheel" by Donovan. We then set off on our journey to the other side of town, not dreading the school work and catty personalities we will meet at the high school in a mere ten or fifteen minutes but instead looking forward to a magnificent show the natural world has in store for us on the way there. Barely a minute later we reach the intersection of Laurel Canyon Road and Foothill and there it is- the Fall sunrise. As we descend down Foothill the sky fans out before us like an old art deco movie theatre ceiling. The sky glows with reds or blues or purples depending on it's mood. The clouds look frozen in ethereal motion, fanning out from the sun, in mid swirl, or dotting the sky like weightless sentries. On Thursday morning the sky glowed purple, the clouds looked like they had been manically blotted upon the heavens by a fervent impressionist, and upstaging all of this was a part of the sky that looked like it was being cracked open by the gods themselves. From this crack was a more brilliant, searing gold radiance than I have ever seen from the sun. This seemingly unimportant event is a perfect example of who I am and from where I derive my inspiration. I love finding beauty in the quotidian occurrences of life, in the nooks and crannies and in everyday objects. I am ecstatic when two ordinary objects work with each other and create something brilliant. Two weeks ago I was listening to an orange vinyl record and I looked up at the ceiling. Swirling around was what looked like it could have been a drug induced visual, when in reality it was the sun hitting the spinning orange vinyl. I just stared at it for minutes, smiling that life could offer me such a fun and interesting trick..."