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E A S T E R _ I N _ T H E _ L I V I N G _ R O O M

a mystery event

Designed, Directed and Conceived by Eliana Mullins
Written by Eliana Mullins & Cast

The Female Lover:
Susannah Perkins
The Lonely Girl: Lila Elias
The Woman w/ the Fabulous Wardrobe: Jenna Dioguardi
The Man at Dinner: Taylor Edelhart
The Little Girl: Cat Crowley

Stage Managers:
James Wyrwycz & Anastasia McCrystal
Lights: Bryn Herdrich
Assist. Designers: Kyle Rogers & Jenna Rossman
Associate Sound: Cat Crowley
Produced by: Playwrights Horizons Theatre School/NYU
@ The Studio Theatre, Tisch School of the Arts

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Selected Rehearsal Photos/Costume Closeups

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~Extended Notes on Easter in the Living Room~


Relevant Quotes:

"We think that we are perceiving "nothing," in reality, we may have discovered something that we haven’t developed the technology to "see"."
~The panel at the World Science Fair’s session, "Nothing: The Subtle Science of Emptiness"

"I'm no longer a child and I still want to be, to live with the pirates. Because I want to live forever in wonder. The difference between me as a child and me as an adult is this and only this: when I was a child, I longed to travel into, to live in wonder. Now, I know, as much as I can know anything, that to travel into wonder is to be wonder. So it matters little whether I travel by plane, by rowboat, or by book. Or, by dream. I do not see, for there is no I to see. That is what the pirates know. There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate."
~Kathy Acker

"...'cause humans, above all, fear intelligence. how humans, scared out of their minds, gather whatever intelligence they can put their hands on and put it all in a central penitentiary named facts..."
~Kathy Acker, in her book "Pussy, King of Pirates"

Inspiration Images/Quotes Compiled from Tumblr in .PDF Form

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here is perhaps the inside story...
the female lover is in her garden of eden with her male lover, in a perfect setting of beauty and everything (the lovers tarot card), feeling in harmony with all of the image she exists in. then an artist comes and begins to draw her, transferring her to a separate artistic medium (a painting or a drawing or a sculpture or...) and she is thrust from her home which is both a harmonious place and a place in which she felt harmonious in to a new landscape, new setting, new medium, away from the object of her affection. Here our show begins. When she is almost completely sketched onto the new page, when the separate lines become a whole she has officially been transferred to that medium and she realizes something is wrong, she is on a stage, or on a page, or all at once, and she begins to realize that she is in this new place but does not know how to move in this new medium. susannah plays the embodiment of the female lover, and the part of her consciousness that can see the world outside. lila plays her curiosity, the part that may not always feel comfortable in a new place but thrives in that uncomfortability the best, who takes solace in trying to figure out the new place and explore it. cat taylor and jenna play the different parts of this female who, in the new land feels like a little girl again. cat and taylor's characters try to cover it up with putting on a masculinity, jenna 's character with putting on a grown, confident woman. when they all fall prey to being unsure about this new place they are in, the female lover's psyche shuts down the scene and moves them into a new spot, trying to keep them occupied and not thinking about the fact they are in a new spot. but this new spot they are in has put their gaze on a mystery, a mystery that consumes them and intrigues them and causes them to break out individually again. the lonely girl (the curiosity) realizes this ruse and decides to get her camera out to document this weird state of being they are in, but she is not as conspicuous as she thinks she is and this self-reflexive watching/self-study worries everyone to the point of being knocked out of place a bit. but being knocked off gives them all agency to deal with the situation and they all decide to try to make sense of this weird new place they are in….and what they choose is to have a dinner party (except the embodiment of the female lover of course who is still stuck to the page and lila who is just too interested in these weird parts of herself to take part). but in choosing this situation, to have a dinner party, they begin to conflict with each other (jenna covers up cat's masculinity ruse, and reinforces taylors, cat's pissed and undermines jenna s dinner party, steals back the masculine form which causes taylor to have to strip away herself to her little girl clothes, cat takes jenna away defiantly before taylor can steal it back, with nothing left to do taylor decides to try full heartedly to become the little girl that she guesses she was supposed to be, but in getting lost in that she sees herself looking at herself, sees her nudity (sees susannah standing there) and they are both aghast and run away from each other, taylor into the drawing room (the abstract room) and susannah far away from where she was). this failure of the dinner party lands everyone scared and covered up again, in a land of searching and abstractness. in this shifty world they begin to realize that they can still see each other, and begin to be okay with it. dipping into the indescribable abstract world allows them to really strip themselves away (except the embodiment of the female lover who, after running away from taylor realizes she can move and begins to slowly make a move from left to right and in doing so reveals a beautiful sculpture and she realizes she can work within the confines of this new space and make it her new home). the focus of self discovery and being stripped away begins to causes a change and they all (female embodiment included) come to realize that this new place they are in is interesting, not scary and they stand confidently, looking it all over. they are not all completely stripped down, only taylor stands in full nudity, and susannah stands in a wonderful orange suit, and the others almost nude. but as some things wash away new things are revealed. it's an absurd world, but then again --- that's life aint it? the door to the theatre opens, fresh ugly fluorescent light from the outside spills in and they all enter out of the drawing room and into the living room.